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Synthotech Sales and Training

Synthotech Sales and Training

Asset Integrity Australasia are the distributors in Australia and New Zealand for Synthotech, who are a leading British engineering business, focused on the development of pioneering ‘must have’ products and services for utility and infrastructure markets around the world. Click here to learn more about Synthotech.

Some of their products include:


SynthoCam™ CCTV system

The SynthoCam™ CCTV system is a ground breaking live gas inspection solution that has been designed to minimise excavation by maximising survey distance.

It’s precision designed to UK gas industry standards for use up to 200kPa operating pressure, and up to 400kPa for international applications.



The Meter Control Exchange (M-CEX™) system is a versatile, safe and efficient method of exchanging leaking valves from gas pipework systems under controlled ‘live’ gas conditions.

Key benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for operation in restricted areas

  • Significant reduction in the time consumers are off gas

  • Avoids the need for planned maintenance operations to isolate pipework systems particularly in multi-occupancy environments

  • Considerably reduces operational costs


Learn more about the full range of Synthotech’s products and services or contact us for a quote